Who is Bill de Blasio the Most Powerful Trump Opponent?

Who is Bill de Blasio the most powerful Trump opponent and Mayor of the capital city of the world? Many wonder will there be a presidential nomination?
Who is Bill de Blasio the Most Powerful Trump Opponent?
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Bill de Blasio, Mayor of the capital city of the world and the most powerful Trump opponent

Bill de Blasio is 196 centimeters tall democrat, proud of his Italian origins, an avid fan of Boston baseball team the Red Sox, a kind of urban Robin Hood (wants to take from the rich to help the poor), for 23 years the proud husband Chirlane McCray and dad of Chiara and Dante and the fierce opponent of Donald Trump’s politics.

While the latest US president Donald Trump was born and lived in New York until moving to the White House, America’s largest city belongs to 56-year-old Bill de Blasio, re-elected mayor, the 190th in a row.

In the race for the head of the New York De Blasio, whose real name is Warren Wilhelm Jr., with 65.3 percent of the vote defeated the Republican candidate Nicole Malliotakis (won 28.9 percent of the vote) and independent candidates, and his victory was again held in power Democrats in the City Hall (he first interrupted for almost three decades the long supremacy of Republicans since Edd Koch’s last elected Democratic Mayor in 1985).

Bill de Blasio was also assisted by Senator Bernie Sanders, joining him in recent weeks at election assemblies, all with the aim of sending voters a message to support De Blasio’s idea of taxing millionaires.

From celebrities who support him, since the first term, actors include Alec Baldwin, Sarah Jessica Parker and Susan Sarandon, and musician Harry Belafonte.

New York and its citizens defy Donald Trump from the start of his entry into politics, and I can humbly admit that I have always been and will remain the leading voice against Trump – said Bill De Blasio to his voters among the 8.5 million New Yorkers.

This is not the first time that the head of the largest American city opposed the head of the USA: De Blasio despises Trump’s sexist attitude towards women, especially Trump’s conservative policy of planned parenthood, against the cutting means for smaller cities so far financed by federal funds, and to him is totally insane president’s attitude towards immigrants.

Moreover, De Blasio himself gladly joined the New York protestors on Fifth Avenue shortly after the presidential election, in which he supported his party colleague – Hillary Clinton.

Bill de Blasio
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Mayor’s political career began after graduating the Arts at New York University and a master’s in International Relations from Columbia University, in nonprofit organizations pleaded for Nicaragua and a new government, he volunteered in the campaign Mayor David Dinkins, was the director of New York and New Jersey in the Housing and Urban Development Department (under the Clinton administration), helped Hillary Clinton in the Senate campaign, had been assigned to the public prosecutor’s office and eventually became a mayor.

Many wonder what’s next – maybe a presidential nomination?

I do not plan to join the presidential race, I have made my plan to become a mayor for another time, and got for four years to do something for my city. I have a lot of started and still unfinished business, and I think I’m more useful if I try to fight against Trump in New York – revealed the journalists of the magazine The New Yorker, characterizing Trump as atypical New Yorker, spoiled brat with a privileged way of life, whose father has transmitted racist and chauvinistic attitudes, tabloid addicts and media manipulators, a malicious person with hatred.

Although President Trump performed his civic duty and voted in New York before his departure on the Asian tour, White House did not want to publish out who was his favorite for the Mayor’s chair. It is almost certain that it was not De Blasio: if not because of mutual intolerance, then certainly because of the mayor’s constant insistence on paying higher taxes to those who earn more than half a million dollars a year. And Trump with his business and real estate throughout New York, that amount came as a monthly pocket.

Free kindergarten

This extra tax is a thorn in the eye for some New Yorkers wealthy citizens: a layer of wealthy believes that De Blasio is to much left oriented democrats, communists almost, a taxing the wealthy so far has stopped Governor Andrew Cuomo, with whom De Blasio is in perpetual conflict. What they resent him that he did not renewed and regulate public transport, despite the newly opened line Q to the wealthy Upper East Side and a catamaran that connects Queens to Brooklyn, nor took care of snow removal in the winter, and what hurts them most is its avoidance of meetings with a financial elite about anything, for example, it is best to say that he refused to meet with the leading people of JP Morgan’s banking corporation.

To the rich people goes pretty well, and this people misunderstand that I do not like them. I often find them with a meeting, especially with regard to education, and I always give them the chance to contribute and help the children and the idea of accessible housing for the poor, but most of them do not want to get involved. So and I exclude them then, because I’m very meticulous with whom I spend time and to whom I spend my energy. And that is why I do not have to go to the rich down a line and respond to every cocktail, but my door is open to all the New Yorkers – rich and poor – De Blasio justified, whose some main goals have already been successfully realized.

Bill de Blasio New York Mayor
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So far Bill de Blasio managed to provide pre-school children free day care and education (for now to 70,000 four-year and intends to also afford and three year olds), has provided 80,000 of the estimated 200,000 affordable apartments with controlled rent for poor New Yorkers, wants to take care of the homeless, build shelters (opened them up to now 90) and removed them from street to 2023, equalize women’s earnings with men, open up new jobs (so far has employed 100,000 people).

It is planned that, due to the taxation of millionaires, he will cut the monthly ticket price  for the subway for the 800,000 of the poorest citizens, that the police will not continue the policy of “stop and frisk” and to close the prison on Rikers Island. Among his great achievements, besides the free kindergarten, is certainly the support and, finally, the legalization of same-sex relationships and marriages, the list of shame of bad housekeepers – published in all daily newspapers so-called. Bill’s list, IDNYC ID card, with secure access to all city services and free services, especially for immigrants.

We need to completely change the school system in the next few years, and our mission is to focus on education and help the poor people, in which I will invest all my energy – said the Mayor, whom Citizens also love because marriage with Afroamerican, writer, poet and activist Chirlane McCray, with whom he met in the City Hall when they both worked for Mayor Dinkins.

In support of his campaign is going involvement in, their two children, 19-year-old Dante de Blasio, a freshman at Yale University and three years older Chiara de Blasio, a fresh graduate from the University of Santa Clara. Especially the daughter picked up public sympathy when she discovered she was the 19th year old when she won a battle with addiction to alcohol and drugs, as her parents seemed very proud to raise one so responsible and emancipated young lady.

Has Bill de Blasio still clean cheek?

But the mayor of the German and Italian origin, who took his mother’s surname, poor layers criticize that he is a snob, who is courting to fine and well off the Upper East Side (there is located mayoral residence Gracie Mansion).

Among the minuses certainly it includes the eternal delay in the sessions, events and meetings, everyday driving with the driver of Gracie Mansion on the upper part of Manhattan until gyms in Brooklyn and the neighborhood where he grew up – Park Slope, try the abolition carriages in Central Park (under pressure from fans animals and their belief that horses live in inhumane conditions) and most of all – hypocrisy.

Mayor of New York city Bill de Blasio
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As someone who is very left-wing oriented and sensitive to the class (in) equality, resent him that he is not mentioned, nor visited the demonstrators who for months fought against the establishment on Wall Street, but as someone who is committed for affordable and controlled rents, encountered on conviction due to annual salary of 52,200 US dollars of rental duplexes and small houses in Park Slope, inherited from his mother.

And of course there would be no political story that corruption was not mentioned: a former donor in his campaign Jonah S. Rechnitz testified at the court that he gave generous contributions in return for access to city councilors, and the mayor was often overwhelmed by the private return of his services friends and longtime associates, such as intervention with the chief of police for speeding.

But not in one case, nothing has been proven and Bill de Blasio is still clean cheek.

They ask me if New York fairest city in America. It’s a very loaded question, I will answer only that we are oriented in that direction and that New York certainly is one of the safest cities in the US – said before the crazed killer in a killing spree truck killed eight pedestrians and cyclists along the Hudson River, which after September 9, 2001 was the largest terrorist attack on New York – the day before the voters voted for his victory.

This article was originally published on the Trump News.