Can President Trump Stop Xi’s Chinese Expansion Strategy?

Can President Trump stop Xi's Chinese strategy of expansion that changes everything? What is current Chinese attack on American global monopoly?
Can President Trump Stop Xi's Chinese Expansion Strategy?
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CHINESE ATTACK ON AMERICAN GLOBAL MONOPOLY: Beijing announces a completely new era that changes everything: Can President Trump stop Xi’s Chinese strategy of expansion?

In preparation for the trip to China batman of Donald Trump get the order to take and one video clip. Not any clip but dedicated to appearing in front of Xi Jinping and his wife, Peng Liyuan, in moments of rest after intense talks with the US president. So the Chinese presidential couple on the big screen listened and watched a song that sang six year Arabella Kushner, granddaughter of President Donald Trump. She was singing and reciting Chinese poets in Chinese. The hosts repay statement that the performance was superb – said the New York Times at the end of his Report on the talks Xi – Trump in Beijing.

This episode illustrates that the meeting of two of the three most powerful men in the world held in mutual flattery where the US president was much more eloquent. No sign of Trump that all of the campaign further pounding after China and announces that they will step on the tail at the first opportunity. China is destroying the American economy to its low prices and enjoys a privileged position in mutual trade, which results in destruction of American factories and American working class – are common phrases Donald Trump addressed to Beijing. Along with the verbal expeditions, the daily routing of naval forces in the South China Sea is under way, so there is almost no day without news of close encounters.

Demonstration of power

The whole rhetoric and saber-rattling suddenly stopped ahead of talks Trump and Xi in the Forbidden City. Trump recounted the great and powerful host, and Xi listened to him with the unchanged expression like Buddha. From the frozen smile of the Chinese leader, as usual, it was not possible to conceive what he was thinking, but none of the observers did not saw any signs of enthusiasm.

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Trump and Xi had already met in America, the mighty Chinese was his guest in Florida, and during that meeting, Trump had commanded the firing of 56 cruise missiles to Syria. Not even this time Trump did not missed a demonstration of military might of America, so that immediately after the talks in Beijing began a large military exercise of US naval forces and allies close to the coast of North Korea. Three aircraft carriers with 180 aircraft, a myriad of accompanying ships as the US, as South Korean, an unknown number of armed submarine with missiles of doomsday, plus 20,000 troops last time Washington has brought together ten years ago, 2007. With a strong diplomacy this time was and unusually strong military force.

When the exercise began, Trump was already in the Vietnamese resort of Da Nang at the APEC summit, where was also Vladimir Putin. Although Russian diplomacy was prepared for the meeting of heads, the meeting did not occur, except that the two commanders of the fittest world of nuclear potentials met in passing. Trump is patted on the shoulder Putin and heads of diplomacy Sergey Lavrov and Rex Tillerson create a statement about the need to respect the territorial integrity of the unfortunate country of Syria, although it is well known how Moscow and Washington agree with that.

Chinese and USA’s secret meeting

After Vietnam, Trump flew to the Philippines where he was welcomed by a little harder demonstrators, saying the government Drive Out the biggest terrorist. They did not, of course, think of Trump’s host Rodrigo Duterte.

Since the talk Trump and Putin did not occur, the key point of the Far East tour, the US president was to meet with Xi Jinping. What was being discussed behind the closed doors was revealed by no one. The hosts, as it is known, do not have the custom to share issues of high politics, and in accordance with their secrecy behaved and guests from Washington, a huge diplomatic and economic tour.

What is known is that signed economic co-operation contracts worth over $ 250 billion. Thus, China is allegedly buying a huge amount of high-tech products. For example, it will spend almost $ 40 billion on the purchase of Boeing Aircraft. What such a job means for Boeing is not difficult to assume. The shareholders will cover the pockets well. More than ten billion Chinese will spend on purchasing advanced telecommunication chips, while the largest petrochemical company China Petrochemical will invest more than 40 billion in gas exploitation operations in Alaska.

Mutual insults

Mighty billions in future dealings with China, need convincing Americans that after Trump economic relations are no longer a one way street where Americans buy and sell the Chinese, but two way cooperation between equal partners. According to Trump’s threats to China due to the exploitation of America. What will be it is still to be seen, but so far the brilliant PR results have been achieved.

In addition to the mutual affairs of powerful companies, almost nothing has escaped negotiations that are not otherwise public. North Korea and the relationship of that Chinese protégé towards America? Apart from the phrase about the constructive role of Beijing, nothing concrete. As usual on the occasion of the great Trump tour the Far East, Trump and Kim Jong Un are again conveniently insulted. North Korean leader called Trump a dotard, or a senile old man, and this one reacted with words in a contrite way – Why he offended me, I did not say he is a low fat man.

Mutual insults Trump Kim
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Pyongyang did not firing the latest and deadliest rockets on the occasion of the exercise with three aircraft carriers near its coast, probably at the recommendation of Beijing. It is well known that China is behind North Korea and that it will even protect it at a price war with the United States. Do not you dare, they have clearly sent a message to the Americans after they began a series of military exercises under the nose of Kim Jong Un. It is worth recalling that North Korea demonstrates the force most often in response to constant pressure from the South Korea orchestrated by the United States. North Korea is a collateral source of pressure on China, but Beijing on the other side has never discovered all cards of the relationship with the Dynasty Kim. No one knows the extent to which Pyongyang is controlled by Beijing, but it is known that they extensive economic cooperation. Interestingly, North Korea, the most closed country in the world, has developed tourism thanks only that there travel mostly Chinese.

What will mean apparent warm relations of the United States and China for Kim Jong Un remains to be seen, but it is still less likely to Trump launch a massive military attack on dictator and his subjects. In addition, it seems that Washington’s time as the only and supreme arbitrator slowly expires. China is a good example of weakening the power of the Euro-Atlantic axis, and of strengthening the Euro-Asian.

Are Xi and Trump talked about another important topic was not disclosed, but China just this year trying to strengthen the Yuan as a means of payment for oil. Juan with a gold background should be the lever that will at least partially displace the dollar from the position of world reserve currency number one and so endanger one of two US monopoly. The first is the dollar, and the second big military force. In this project, which can not be quick or comprehensive, it already has significant partners. These are invariably the country targeted by America, Russia, Iran and another new supporter of trade in Yuan from across the world – Venezuela, which is pressed constantly by hybrid attack from the United States.

Setting conditions

This process is going slowly, but the share of trade without the dollar as legal tender when, say, a word about Russia is constantly increasing. Two major countries have reached 16 to 18 percent of the ruble-yuan exchange rate and this percentage is likely to rise steadily. Iran, also a major oil exporter, trades in yuan and other currencies including the euro.

Chinese strategy of expansion
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What’s in this story the main Chinese lever? Outside of every doubt, the main lever is the number one on the list of world importers of energy products. As an importer of quantities that grow from year to year can set conditions for exporting countries. At the intersection of the yuan at the consecrated place of the dollar, Saudi Arabia is the most important country that sells most energy products to China. How will Saudia Arabia set, the most reliable allies of the United States, that remains to be seen, which have been selling oil since 1974 exclusively in dollars, especially when China soon becomes a double-largest oil buyer than America. For now, there is no indication that they will curb the Chinese demands, but they will have to come to the hands of its biggest buyer for a while, and this has a choice of purchases from suppliers who agree to the yuan.

As usual when it comes to reviewing a dedicated dollar spot in the global trading of strategic commodity energies, everything is possible. That tried Saddam Hussein, and he ended up on the rope, that also tried Moamer Gaddafi, so he was lynched by a mob directed by British specialists.

New War in the Middle East

So the current games could end up with a new big Middle East war that would involve all players. Saudi Arabia and its allies against Iran and its allies, Israel against Lebanon’s Hezbollah, the United States and Russia each side of its allies, plus opening front Ukraine in the soft belly of Russia. The scope and power of potential participants does not rule out nuclear war, at least in some limited form.

What would be the position of a powerful China in such a situation, which rapidly builds the so-called open sea fleet and opens up military bases in the key positions to control waterways, such as Djibouti, where soldiers were personally formed by Xi Jinping and held them motivational speech? Will they remain in a solid alliance with their second largest oil supplier and the first high-tech weapons Russia or may be approaching to the United States? This second option for Moscow is unthinkable. But it seems that Xi Jinping trust Trump gifts as much as it has jurisdiction. After Trump flew, China’s state media have published a series of commentaries on the topic of strategic relations with Russia.

This article was originally published on the Trump News.