Chances for a War with North Korea is Increasing Day by Day

How much chances for a war with North Korea is increasing day by day? Which Trump's advisor declared Kim Jong regime the biggest threat to the USA?
Chances for a War with North Korea is Increasing Day by Day
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Chances for a War with North Korea is Increasing Day by Day after Trump’s advisor declared Kim Jong regime the biggest threat to the United States

The chanses for a war of the United States and North Korea is increasing day by day, said US National Security Adviser HR McMaster.

Trump’s adviser put his warning at Reagan’s National Defense Forum in California, adding that North Korea is the biggest immediate threat to the United States, the Guardian and the foreign agencies write.

I believe that the threat increases every day, which in fact means that we are in the race to solve this problem.

McMaster has confirmed that Trump’s administration continues to seek denuclearization of the Korean Peninsula and added that China could impose stricter sanctions on North Korea, as it has enormously powerful power of economic coercion over Pyongyang.

There are ways to resolve this issue before an armed conflict occurs, but it’s a practical race because Kim Jong is closer and closer to us and we do not have much time anymore – McMaster said for CNN broadcasts.

war of the United States and North Korea
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We do not ask for services from China. We demand from China to behave in accordance with our own interests, as it should. We believe it is in the interest of China to urgently do more on the issue of North Korea. They have to stop fuel supply for North Korea, because the missiles out of fuel can not launch – believes McMaster who has sent the message that Donald Trump supports a complete embargo on the export of oil to Kim-Jong-un.

McMaster also said that it is unlikely that Kim Jong will slow down the development of ballistic missiles without taking any significant new actions or much stricter sanctions that will be fully implemented.

Recall that at the end of last month, North Korea has apparently successfully tested the latest, intercontinental ballistic missile Hwasong 15, which fired nearly 5,000 kilometers in the air before falling to the Japanese Sea 950 km from the launch site. If the same projectile launches in a normal, not so steep path, military analysts predict that it could range up to 13,000 km, meaning that every city in the continental United States is a potential target.

Americans shortly after launch re-introduced an early warning system in the Pacific Islands Hawaii, and now think seriously about setting battery of sophisticated missile defense system THAAD along the west coast of the United States. One such battery, for example, has already been set up in South Korea.

At the same time in Pyongyang on Friday publicly celebrated the successful launch of the missile with fireworks, and Kim Jong-un went to the factory that produces tires for large transport vehicle that transport new Hwasong 15 missile.

This article was originally published on the Trump News.

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