Who is the Chief on Cuba Castro or Trump?

Who is the Chief on Cuba Castro or Trump one year later afte the death of Fidel Castro, main chief on Cuba? Will Cuban American relations normalize?
Who is the Chief on Cuba Castro or Trump?
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The chief on Cuba is not Castro, but Trump

A year has passed since the death of Fidel Castro main chief on Cuba, an event that caused shared emotions in the part of the world in which he played an important role.

While Havana was enveloped in sadness, in the streets of Miami Cuban refugees danced with delight.

Great mistake

Looking at the situation from Cuba or Florida after that moment, everything was pointing that the normalization of relations is now unstoppable. Mistake. Today, a year later, things look much more clearly and relations are more tense than at the time of the death of 90-year-old dictator. A year ago, relations of Cuba and the United States were on the upswing, but after arrival President Trump in the White House he stopped the policy warming relations with Havana started by Obama. US citizens are once again have reinforced restrictions on travel to the island, and negotiations between the two countries have been reduced to a minimum.

chief on Cuba
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True to the will, Castro’s death in Cuba, in the sense of authority, has nothing changed. In the last ten years, since 2006, Fidel Castro has not taken part in the government and has left everything to his brother Raul. Fidel only occasionally appeared as a kind of political and moral authority, a time of transition gave Raul time to consolidate all the levers of power in his hands. The death of the older brother did not change anything for chief on Cuba.

Cuba is in an economic sense in an indepen- dent position. For some time Cuba can not even count on the support of the Venezuelan who, before the oil price crash hit financial problems, was generously aided. This year, tourism has been hit by Hurricane Irma, but also by American diplomats’ allegations of mysterious acoustic attacks on staff. Number of tourist arrivals is significantly reduced, there by reducing the inflow of foreign exchange that is necessary to establish a semblance of normal life. Through control of money supply, Trump became the chief on Cuba in economic sence.

Change on the top

Cuba is in a position as it was at the end of the Cold War and the collapse of the USSR – says Andy Gomez, a professor of political science at the University of Miami.

It is quite certain that Raul Castro will not lead Cuba for a long time more. Announced by the transfer of power when in February the following year Raul as the leader of the country should be replace by mew chief on Cuba Diaz-Canel, the current vice president and longtime leader of the Cuban Communist Party, but this shift probably will not fix anything in Cuban American relations that are crucial for the island.

This article was originally published on the Trump News.