Is Donald Trump Narcissus and Sociopath?

Is Donald Trump narcissus and sociopath with extremely primitive personality? Is Donald Trump suffering from a deep psychological defect?
Is Donald Trump Narcissus and Sociopath?

Donald Trump narcissus and sociopath

There are more and more voices among prominent republicans who rise up against Donald Trump. The latest attack comes from Jeff Flake, a Republican senator from Arizona who announced he would no longer run for the Senate.

While Trump is president, there is no place for me in that party. But for all of us, it is high time to stop participating in something totally unacceptable. There are times when we have to risk our careers in order to preserve some fundamental values. That time is now, Flake said.

The shame of the president

He stressed that Trump’s behavior is dangerous for American democracy because Trump is a man who is arrogant, undignified and shameful dissolute.

When the next generation asked us why we did nothing and why we did not give their voice, what would we tell them?, asked Flake.

He is another high profile republican who rebelled against Trump. That was a month ago by Republican Senator Bob Corker. The verbal war between him and Trump lasts until today, and Corker is only a few hours before Flake put out his warning to pour oil on fire, saying it is by no means clear that someone who is a president may fall so low and with such behavior degrade the whole America. Senator John McCain spoke last week about Trump’s slandered false nationalism, former President George W. Bush said that intolerance is the main feature of today’s president and that the United States has become extremely vulnerable to conspiracy theories and various other fabrications.

Donald Trump narcissus and sociopath

But their voice was again raised by renowned psychologists and psychiatrists who warn that President’s mental health is getting worse day by day and that the president who has such mental problems could bring America into another big war very rapidly. Psychiatrist Leanne Watt, a specialist in treating adult personality disorders, said her professional ethics demanded that she alert the nation to behavioral patterns that might cause concern or that could result in great harm.

Narcissus, sociopath and primitive personality

About 800 psychiatrists and psychologists have set up a professional association called We are obliged to warn, which aims to monitor President’s behavior and alert the public to problems. The online petition, signed by 62,000 psychiatrists, is also open for signature, claiming that the president is not fit for the function he performs because he is suffering from a personality disorder manifested as malignant narcissism, which in itself would not be so problematic that he did not combined with markedly sociopathic features.

They emphasize that the structure of Trump personality is extremely primitive and that he is suffering from a deep psychological defect like narcissus and sociopath.

This article was originally published on the Trump News.