EPA Proposes Abolition of Obama’s Climate Change Regulation

EPA (The American Environmental Protection Agency) will propose abolishing of Obama's Climate Change Regulation the Clean Energy Plan.
EPA Proposes Abolition of Obama's Climate Change Regulation
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EPA (US Environmental Protection Agency) proposes abolition of Obama’s Climate Change Regulation

The American Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) will propose abolishing the Clean Energy Plan – the central legal regulation from the Obama administration’s anti-climate policy era – and plans to seek advice for a regulation that will replace it, according to the EPA document received Reuters.

This decision is the first formal step towards the rejection of a plan aimed at reducing carbon dioxide emissions from power plants after US President Donald Trump signed an executive decree in March in which the EPA was required to re-examine the plan.

The Republican president voiced doubts in science on climate change, and former President Barack Obama’s efforts to reduce carbon dioxide emissions blamed the killing of the mining and oil industry.

 After the Obama Administration in 2015 issued a Clean Energy Plan (CPP), 27 federal states filed a lawsuit. That plan was temporarily suspended by the District Court of Appeal in Washington and set a deadline by Friday for the EPA’s report on how to proceed with the plan.

In the EPA document, distributed to members of the Regulatory Control Board, it is alleged that EPA “proposes to abolish the plan”.

US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) proposes abolition of Obama's Climate Change Regulation

The agency now intends to send a call to advice experts while considering a new regulation with a similar idea of ​​reducing CO2 emissions from fossil fuel power generation units. The document does not state details of a potential new regulation.

The Clean Energy Plan is designed to reduce CO2 emissions from existing US power plants by 2030 to 32 percent below 2005 levels. This was considered the main way of meeting the US emission reduction plan in the Paris Climate Agreement, the Global Alliance in the Fight against Climate Change change.

Industrial sources that follow the regulatory process expect the proposal to abolish and replace CPP’s energy by the end of the week.

The Trump administration announced that the US would withdraw from the Paris agreement, for which it said the US dollar would be worth a billion dollars, and the environment would not have any visible benefits – a process that would last for years.

Janet McCabe , head of EPA’s Air and Radiation Bureau at the time of Obama, said the adoption of the new regulation could take years.

Some conservative groups have asked the EPA to drop the CPP, not to replace it, and thirs abolish any CO2 emission regulation. However, some industrial groups want to give the power companies regulatory security to avoid possible lawsuits by the environmental group.

This article was originally published on the Trump News.