How Intensive is the Investigation of Trump’s Russian Connections?

How intensive is the investigation of Trump's Russian connections conducted by the FBI? Is the investigation approaching to the White House?
How Intensive is the Investigation of Trump's Russian Connections?
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Very intensive investigation of Trump’s Russian connection

The investigation conducted by the FBI on the inadequate links between the Kremlin and Trump’s election campaign has entered a new phase.

After several charges have been published and the proceedings announced, the investigation by Robert Mueller is approaching the White House. Three new moments were particularly alarming to the Trump administration. First, the FBI accused two Trump campaign advisor: one of them was Paul Manafort, campaign leader for most of the year 2016. Second, a Trump Foreign Policy Advisor confessed to lying to the FBI about his relations with the Russian regime. And thirdly, Mueller’s investigation focuses on Jared Kushner, Trump’s son in low, for his special role in dismissing James Comey, former FBI director. The FBI investigation focuses on three directions: a fuss with Moscow during the campaign, the criminal offenses of campaign members, and the obstruction of justice committed by the White House in investigating the first two cases.

First investigation of Trump’s Russian connection

When it comes to the first investigation, fusion itself is not a crime and the Mueller team seeks evidence that the laws  have been violated in Trump’s surrogate contacts with Russian intelligence officials or their agents. The key question is whether the consensus entails allowing Moscow to engage in US elections or get information from Kremlin sources that could influence the elections. It would represent a conspiracy to deceive the United States. George Papadopoulos, former Trump’s foreign policy advisor, is a key person at the heart of the first case. Having admitted lying to the FBI, he now fully cooperates with the investigation to escape the jail. His false allegations relate to communicating with the Russians and trying to organize a meeting of Trump and officials of the Kremlin, perhaps Putin himself.

Papadopoulos also provides Mueller information about other people involved in relation with Moscow or violated federal laws. He acknowledged contacts with a professor in London associated with Kremlin officials who had compromising materials about Hillary Clinton and that he informed the Trump campaign chiefs about that. Sam Clovis, the national co-chairman of the Trump campaign, who encouraged Papadopoulos to work with contacts with Russian officials, is now also working with Mueller. The FBI would have to work on the charge that it was a conspiracy to break the law on computer fraud and abuse.

Very intensive investigation of Trump's Russian connection
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For that they you should prove prove that the Trump team was in conspiracy with the Moscow hacking campaign against Clinton and the Democratic National Committee (DNC) by managing or assisting hacking. Holding Papadopoulos’s arrest for a few months and allowing him to be free – the FBI could gather additional information about other conspiracy participants. This possibility allegedly provoked paranoia, even panic among the White House staff.

Second investigation of Trump’s Russian connection

The second investigation involves investigating and prosecuting a wide range of potential financial criminals of former Trump officials. Manafort and his business partner Rick Gates are charged with conspiracy with the aim of money laundering, avoiding paying taxes, and not reporting on their bank accounts. In fact, they teamed up against the US to cheat ministries of justice and finance by hiding revenue from their lobbying work in favor of Ukrainian politicians linked to the Kremlin. Manafort apparently had links to Russian organized crime that can hardly be separated from the Kremlin oligarchy.

The FBI’s charge specifically states that he has received millions of dollars from businessmen close to one of the most notorious Russian criminals, Semjonom Mogiljevic. The FBI states that Mogiljevic, who is under the protection of the Kremlin, is responsible for smuggling weapons, ordering murders, and international prostitution. By accusing Manhattan and Gates of financial malversations that could result in long prison sentences, Mueller sought their cooperation in obtaining information that would lead to indictments against Trump’s associates.

Third investigation of Trump’s Russian connection

Third investigation of Trump's Russian connection
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The third direction of the FBI’s investigation is strikeing even closer to Trump’s home and involves the possible obstruction of Trump’s close associates. Son in low Kushner handed over a bunch of documents while investigating his role in dismissing former FBI commander Comey.

Trump, obviously, was naive in believing that by removing Comey, it would interrupt the Russian investigation. Instead, an even more effective special investigative advisor was brought. Namely, the Ministry of Justice has endeavor to preserve its independence from the White House. Kushner’s investigation indicates that Mueller’s quest for crime does not only include election campaign, but also activities of current administration. Himself Trump could be involved in the obstruction of justice and conceal his insights into secret encounters between his campaigns staff and individuals who have links to the Kremlin.

In addition, Kushner himself is under investigation for possible criminal ties with the Russian bank under US sanctions. As the investigation of a special advisor deepens, Washington is in the uncertainty predicting new discoveries.

The main question

The main question of all questions for FBI investigators is as follows: Are Trump and his close partners worked with foreign governments, and especially one that is a great opponent of the United States, with the goal of manipulating American elections? If this were to be confirmed, these activities would represent the issuance and guarantee of recall and even imprisonment.

Mueller also signals a wider Trump circle that he will not leave a stone unprepared to reveal criminal behavior.

This article was originally published on the Trump News.