Jerusalem is Admitted as the Capital of Israel from President Trump

After President Trump admitted Jerusalem as the capital of Israel although the whole world told him not to do it who will extinguish that greatest fire?
Jerusalem is Admitted as the Capital of Israel from President Trump

President Trump admitted Jerusalem as the capital of Israel although the whole world told him not to do it

US President Donald Trump on Wednesday acknowledged Jerusalem as the capital of Israel and said that the process of resettlement of the US embassy would begin in the city, despite allies warnings that this move could trigger tensions in the Middle East.

I have decided that it is time for Jerusalem to be officially recognized as the capital of Israel, Trump said in a White House speech, the dpa agency quoted.

Trump said that delay such recognition has not done anything to achieve peace and that this decision should bring even much earlier in order to contribute to the progress of the peace process.

The US president said in a statement that he is aware that some of the decisions to be differences but that his announcement marks the beginning of a new approach to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

Israel has the right to determine its capital, Trump said.

He stressed that he wants peace between Israelis and Palestinians, and that he still supports a two-state solution within the framework of a permanent peace agreement.

President Trump admitted Jerusalem as the capital of Israel although the whole world told him not to do it
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Trump said that the United States remains deeply committed to the achievement of the peace agreement acceptable to both Israelis and Palestinians, adding that he will do all he can to help make such an agreement, DPA reports.

The United States currently does not have a proper Jerusalem building in which it could move the Tel Aviv embassy, and the senior Trump administration official said it could take three to four years for its construction.

I think it had to be done a long time ago. Many presidents said they wanted something to do and they were not, Trump said at his cabinet meeting before the resignation announcement from Tel Aviv’s embassy in Jerusalem, reports Reuters agency.

Jerusalem’s status is one of the major controversial points in the decades-long Israeli-Palestinian peace talks.

Palestinians want eastern Jerusalem to be the capital of their future state, and the city of Israel considers its indivisible and eternal capital.

Trump’s acceptance of Jerusalem for the Israeli capital US ends with decades-long politics that the status of the city should be decided in negotiations with the Palestinians, Reuters says.

As announced, Trump acknowledged Jerusalem for the Israeli capital, despite warnings by the Western and Arab Allies of the United States that this act could lead to violence and undermine the Israeli-Palestinian peace process.

Germany, France, the EU, the Arab world and, of course, Palestinians warned Trump on Tuesday not to do that, and Pope Francis, the official London and Iranian idolahs joined them on Wednesday.

Recognizing rights to all peoples in the Holy Land is the primary condition for dialogue, Francis told the Palestinian group in the Vatican on Wednesday morning.

British Foreign Minister Boris Johnson said London was worried about the US announcement. We think that Jerusalem should be part of the final solution to the Israeli-Palestinian peace process, which must come to a dialogue.

kiss of death for two-state peace solution

Palestinian Authority Representative in London Manuel Hasasin in a BBC interview sharply commented on Trump’s announcement. It would be a declaration of war. The kiss of death for two-state peace solution, he said.

Iranian Supreme Leader Ali Hamenei said that the announcement of Jerusalem’s recognition of Israel’s capital was a sign of American failure and inability.

Turkey has announced that it could even terminate diplomatic relations with Israel if the US decides on an embassy in Jerusalem, and a spokesman for the valley warned that it could push the region to the fire that its end can not see.

East Jerusalem came under the control of Jordan after the Israeli-Arab war in 1948, which broke out after the declaration of the state of Israel, which was then in the Six-Day War in 1967 and occupied that part of Jerusalem.

In 1980, Israel declared Jerusalem its capital city and in the western Jerusalem, the seat of the president, prime minister, parliament (Knesset), and almost all ministries.

Resolution 478 of the Security Council of the UN determined that the Israeli decision of 1980 naughtily, and calls on all countries to maintain embassies in Tel Aviv.

This article was originally published on the Trump News.