Who is Lara Trump?

Who is Lara Trump? Why Lara Trump is already known by many media as the rising star and the main face of the campaign for re-election of Donald Trump?
Lara Trump

New Star in Trump Family Lara Trump

You are tired of false news and want to hear the truth? Watch this week’s Real News, that is how on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube advertises a show in which American President Donald Trump daughter in law Lara Trump reads propaganda messages wrapped up in news form.

Donald’s son Eric Trump’s wife Lara Trump has already been called the rising star and the main face of Donald Trump’s US presidential campaign in the second term. The campaign started very early, even two years before Trump will be again on the ballot paper.

The secretly Donald Trump’s weapon for North Carolina Lara Trump

Lara Trump was described as the secret weapon of Donald Trump in the campaign in 2016 because Lara with her engagement brought American president victory in her native North Carolina, where her job was to break the perception that women would not vote for Trump. She has now become the centerpiece in a new campaign for the second term in which Trump already collects funds and holds rallies, and it is important to him to attack credibility of the mainstream media for which he claims to spread false news.

New Star in Trump Family Lara Trump

People who voted for Trumpa want and deserve to hear what he is doing for the country – Lara Trump said in one of the interviews and added that this was partly because the campaign did not end with Trump election. They have to hear what’s happening so they do not have to rely solely on mainstream media – Lara Trump also said.

These are real news

In the last 24-hour Lara Trump video watched more than 1.5 million people, ending it with the words This are real news suggesting to people that mainstream media do not provide true but false information.

Lara married Eric Trump in 2014 and she worked as a producer for the American television program Inside Edition when her father in law announced his candidacy for president. After the campaign she did not return to her old job, she was already involved in the Trump re-election campaign. Lara really believes in my father’s messages and is passionate about fighting  for Americans – said Eric Trump about his wife Lara.

This article was originally published on the Trump News.