Melania Trump Education

Melania Trump education is these days in focus of public. Did Melania Trump complete a college degree in Slovenia, as she previously claimed on her own website?
Melania Trump education

Education of Melania Trump

When she was a teenager, the family moved to a two-story house in Sevnica, and as a high school student, she lived in a high-rise apartment in Ljubljana. Melania attended the Secondary School of Design and Photography in Ljubljana and studied at the University of Ljubljana.

But the official bio of Melania Trump now suggests that she did not complete a college degree in Slovenia, as she previously claimed on her own website about her education.

The future first lady’s bio on President-elect Donald Trump’s government website says that she paused her studies to advance her modeling career in Milan and Paris. It does not say whether she resumed or completed the degree.

It did not say when or where she completed the degree but said she was working as a model at the time and jetting between photo shoots in Paris and Milan.

Questions began to surface earlier this year about whether this resume was entirely accurate.

Blaz Matija Vogelnik, a professor who said he briefly taught her at Slovenia’s University of Ljubljana, told NBC News in August that she did not complete his course.

She hasn’t finished university, at least not in Ljubljana,” he said. “My personal opinion is that, because she was very beautiful girl … I believe that she realized that she could gain more with that, than to have long studies.

Vogelnik noted that his former student had passed a rigorous test to gain entry to the college, and based on that he believed her IQ was very high.

Had she completed the course, Melania Trump’s research would ordinarily be in the university’s library, but it could not been found there.

In July, after several other reports cast doubt over Melania Trump education resume claims, she pulled her entire website, saying in a tweet that it does not accurately reflect her business and professional interests.

This article was originally published on the Trump News.