Did News about Advisor George Papadopoulos Frighten Trump?

How fear enter in White House after news that former advisor George Papadopoulos admitted federal investigators that Trump collaborate with the Russians?
Did News about Advisor George Papadopoulos Frighten Trump?
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Fear in the White House after news about former advisor George Papadopoulos

US President Donald Trump woke up on Monday to check the White House solitude for the first announcement of the announced first invasions as part of a major investigation into Russian influence on the current presidential election led by Special Prosecutor and former FBI director Robert Mueller .

Separated from the vast majority of its staff, including nervousness during the morning, as it was late in the Oval Office, Trump started the TV and spent most of the breaks rampaging for the bad news that came in and playing the same role as media critic, legal analyst and communications strategist , writes in a great pioneer report by the Washington Post, which invites 20 of the closest President’s associates.

The first information on the indictment filed against his former chief of staff, Paul Manafort, greeted with anger and dementia, confusedly calling his attorneys and listening attentively to commentators on informative television channels. He has barely filed a direct transfer of the arrival of the Manhattan to the federal court, which was then fetched by FBI agents in a 12-point reading of the indictment, after being officially handed over to them. As we have already said, one of the 12 counts of the indictment is the one for ‘conspiracy against America’, but also a series of allegations of malpractice in the years before he worked for Trump. Similarly to Manafort’s former deputy Rick Gates , against whom the indictment was also filed.

The President, having heard that Mannaforta was charged primarily for things that occurred in the period prior to his arrival at the election headquarters, briefly felt relief, though he was still angry at the fact that on television all the time he was brought into direct connection with his election victory. At 10:28 local time on Twitter, referring to the allegations of his team’s meeting with the Russians, said in big letters: There is no collusion!.

George Papadopoulos ice shower

But only a few minutes later, there was an ice shower. The media reported that in a completely separate case from Manafort, the former Foreign Policy Advisor George Papadopoulos , who was volunteering at the electoral staff, admitted federal investigators lying to them during the January trial of their efforts to link Trump to the Russian President Vladimir Putin. His confession is so far the clearest proof that Trump’s electoral headquarters was really in this or that way in the fellowship with the Russians.


As he noted in his admiration, in April, before the Democratic Party realized that someone had hacked the servers and stole thousands of emails from the election staff Hillary Clinton, he came into contact with a Professor who had already offered him emails with gadgets about Hillary, what Trump Headquarters reported. If he was already a member of the staff, he attests to photos on Trump’s Twitter profile of the ‘National Security Summit’ held on March 31, on which George Papadopoulos is sitting at the same table with Trump, Jeff Sessions and others.

Also, George Papadopoulos has revealed that he also participated in a controversial meeting at Trump Tower, held in the wake of the election campaign on June 9, 2016, where Trump’s son Don Jr. and his son in low Jared Kushner was among others, talked with Russian lawyer Natalya Veseljnickaj, who provided information on alleged Russian financing of the Hillary’s campaign. The lawyer was found to be directly associated with the Kremlin. George Papadopoulos said at that meeting that he personally had a relationship that could arrange a Trump meeting with Putin. That relationship was for now an unnamed woman with whom she met the aforementioned professor and introduced her as Putin’s cousin.

Political storm

Even for the president who enjoys chaos and often creates it himself, the political storm that hovered on Monday was too much and he was out of control. Head of Cabinet John Kelly came to Trump, and with the support of Attorney Ty Cobb , John Dowd and Jay Sekulow, he advised him to be very cautious with public reactions, but after that they had to listen to the president’s grievance about everything he was hurting him.

“There was no nervousness, nothing special happened today in the White House.The president has always devoted himself to his state obligations, Cobb assured White House lawyer for everything around Mueller’s investigation.

But Trump’s anger was visible to everyone who came with him on Monday, and the atmosphere on the White House corridors gave the feeling of exhaustion and fear of the unknown, the Washington Post says. While the chairman on the floor was grinning, many people from his staff, some of whom had hired their own attorneys for the Mueller investigation, among themselves speculated on who this investigation might have the next target.

Tighten the rim

“They are holding the hoop, they are all out of their mind,” said a prominent Republican in constant contact with the White House leaders who spoke for the Washington Post on condition that he remained unnamed.

Trump is also very nervous about extending Mueller’s investigation into financial issues that are not directly related to his presidential campaign, which could harm him and his family.

It should not be mentioned that the whole White House again knows who is facing the situation that they have planned the whole week carefully, and that all of them again fell into the shadow of Russia. Trump plans to release his candidate for the new Federal Reserve leader, and on Friday he should travel to a 12-day tour of Asia, while Congressional Republicans are planning to disclose details of tax reforms.

Fear in the White House
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– I would like to open today’s conference with the topic I know you have prepared for me, and this is a tax reform, a bit ironically on Monday at the beginning of White House spokeswoman Sarah Huckabee Sanders’s regular press. It was just an introduction to a series of questions and answers that, of course, were the only recent developments in Mueller’s investigation.

Harmful information

Along with the conference hall, a number of Trump associates entrusted Washington Post journalists with concerns that Manafort and Gates, saving themselves, could inflict adverse information on others on FBI investigators. Gates is especially concerned about her having little children, and she is believed to be far less money than Manhattan, and besides Trump she stayed after leaving Manafort and had access to the White House, where she attended various meetings after Trump inauguration.

Part of Trump’s associates is dissatisfied with his president’s old friend, Thomas Barrack, who was the head of his inaugural team: they consider him responsible for keeping Gates so long in Trump’s neighborhood. Barrack was even employed by Gates as the director of his real estate office in Washington.

Trump and his men tried to deceive the bad news on Monday, having fun with the kids who came to the White House costumes for the Halloween Night. In the evening, the president himself shared the presents with Melanie’s enthusiastic little children. But the clash of investigations over the American presidential residency is all the more dangerous.

There was speculation at the moment that Trump would either try to mutilate Mueller or to pardon Mannaforta and Gates, but his attorneys insist that none of this is true. Judging by sources from the Congress, it is possible that Trump’s current strategy is to try to discredit Mueller, as the president’s allies at Capitol Hill are just making such plans.

This article was originally published on the Trump News.