Did President Trump Show all his Heartless in Destroyed Puerto Rico?

Did President Trump show all his heartless in destroyed Puerto Rico? What happend with expressing condolences to the victims of the hurricane?
Did President Trump Show all his Heartless in Destroyed Puerto Rico?
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US President Donald Trump told Puerto Rico officials that they could be proud that only 16 people were killed in the hurricane Maria and compared that number to the ‘thousands’ killed in ‘a real catastrophe like Katrina Hurricane’.

– Sixteen to thousands, Trump said during his first visit to the overseas territory of the United States, which was hit by a natural disaster, after one official asked how many deaths he had.

“You can be very proud of your people and all of our people who are joining forces,” he said, and then shocked them, “It’s terrible I have to say that to you in Puerto Rico, but you’ve just exceeded our budget because we spent a lot of money to you, “the president said, adding that ‘that’s OK because they saved a lot of lives’.

Otherwise, the situation in Puerto Rico is rather difficult after two hurricanes have passed. Residents do not have enough food, water and fuel, and much of the island is still without electricity, and many have to rely on gasoline generators, which are also less and less. The wastewater treatment and purification network on the island is paralyzed, broken trees and other scrap waste blocked the roads and communication with mobile phones is hampered. Help is getting over because the airports have been destroyed.

Mayor of Puerto Rican capital San Juan Carmen Yulín Cruz during the weekend criticized the administration of US President Donald Trump and her efforts to help Puerto Rican who was devastated after the hurricane of Jose and Mary. If the logistical problems of getting help are not resolved, Cruz says that in Puerto Rico, something very close to genocide will happen.

“We’re dying here,” Cruz said at a tear-in-the-press conference.

“I can not imagine that the most powerful state in the world can not solve the logistical problem of getting help on a small island. Help, we’re in trouble !, she cried.

The mayor then directly addressed to President Trump.

– Mr. Trump, I beg you to take control and save these lives. After all, this is one of the principles on which the United States is founded. If you do not, the world will see that you are not referring to us as second-class citizens, but as to the animals to be solved. This has overcome every measure, she said.

Hurricane Katrina, at the end of August 2005, seized 1833 lives. The Trump administration often knew how to compare the aid they were sending to Texas, Florida and Puerto Rico with assistance from the Bush administration at the time on the southern coast of the United States.

No Carmen Yulín Cruz regretted that the response to the tragedy that struck Puerto Rico was much weaker than Texas and Florida.

Namely, Trump limited his visit to Puerto Rico. He will meet briefly with local officials at Luis Muniz National Guard Air Force, then meet with hurricane victims in an undisclosed location, and then meet with the governors of Puerto Rico and the US Virgin Islands.

The White House asked the Governor of the Virgin Islands, Kenneth E. Map to fly to Puerto Rico because Trump and his escort would be complicated to reach an island whose parts were heavily damaged by the hurricane.

Since the weekend, the US president has considerably reduced his tweets about hurricanes or other potential problems. But journalists reiterated on Tuesday the government’s impact instead of expressing condolences to the victims.

– In Texas and Florida we deserve +5. And I think we’ve done the same remarkable job in Puerto Rico, and they all start to see it – he concluded.

This article was originally published on the Trump News.