Revelead Secret Communications between WikiLeaks and Trump Jr.

What show revelead secret communications between WikiLeaks and Trump Jr. before elections? Did Trump's son published all the messages?
Revelead Secret Communications between WikiLeaks and Trump Jr.

Revelead secret communications between WikiLeaks and Trump Jr. before elections

Donald Trump Jr. is again at the center of an investigation because potential US presidential elections manipulations in favor of his father, Donald Trump.

Atlantic magazine Atlantic released messages that changed Young Trump and the WikiLeaks whistling portal before of presidential elections. The US intelligence community believes that this portal serves Russian authorities to disseminate information that is in Moscow’s political interest.

Trump’s oldest son was charged with co-operating with the Kremlin for the first time when he was discovered to meet with Russian lawyer Natalia Veseljnickaj. It is believed that it is associated with the Kremlin, and Donald Trumpu Jr. went on to offer information damaging to Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton. And in this case, as in this case, the contact was briefed by US Vice President Jared Kushner and Steven Bannon, then the head of Trump’s campaign.

By the end of September 2016, just under two months before the election, Donald Trump Jr. a private message arrived from the WikiLeaksa user account on the social network Twitter: The internet portal is about to start working against your campaign soon. We’ve put their password down – putintrump. See the ‘About the user’ option to check who is main user and administrator of portal.

The next morning is Trump Jr. thanked for the information and so began his correspondence with WikiLeaks. It was a sensitive moment for correspondence with WikiLeaks because that portal just published the hacked emails of members of the Democratic Party. US intelligenceists believe the hackers were on the Moscow payroll. Messages reveal interesting details. WikiLeaks has suggested Trump to finally release its tax card through their portal. In order to crush the allegations that we are a Russian portal and that is why we publish documents that are damaging to Hillary Clinton, WikiLeaks explained.

It is apparent from the message that WikiLeaks was on the side of the Republican candidate. Namely, the portal advised Trump not to admit defeat if it loses elections (which was considered to be certain) but to blame the media who set up elections.

When Trump won, the whistling portal tried to get Trump from Trump. In December, one month before the inauguration, WikiLeaks asked Trump to support the founder of Julian Assange’s portal who fought against extradition. It is suggested that Trump says that Australia should appoint him as ambassador to Washington.

They will not do that, but that would be a clear signal to all the countries that have filed a lawsuit against Assange to stop using it to flattery the Clinton family, WikiLeaks writes. But then the answer from the younger Trumpa was no longer there. The communication became one way and the portal failed to send the message with the request.

But before the election, in early October, Trump Jr. first came to the portall, inquiring about new documents announced by a Trump political agitator at WikiLeaks. There is no answer, but WikiLeaks has asked Trump Jr. to publish links to their stories and so promote the portal at Trump Supporters. Maybe you could post a comment to Hillary Clinton who wants to throw a bomb on the WikiLeaks boss, WikiLeaks advised Trump Jr. I did it this morning, Trump’s son answered.

Trump Jr. carelessly published what WiliLeaks wrote: My three spectacular messages

Revelead secret communications between WikiLeaks and Trump Jr. before electionsIn a clear attempt to reduce the importance of the article in Atlantic magazine on Monday, Donald Trump Jr. has, as he claims, his integral communication with WikiLeaks in the form of private messaging on Twitter from September 2016 to July 2017.

It’s about ten messages from the group and its three spectacular answers.

The group wanted to give information to Trump’s campaign and increase the impact of that discovery on Clinton.

In his messages, WikiLeaks informs him of a new web site that agitates Trump, asks that his daddy tweet about the information the group has revealed about Clinton and warns that if he loses the election, he should dispute the result.

From Trump’s son WikiLeaks also asks that Donald Trump send them his income data, pointing out that this will greatly improve the perception of their impartiality.

In April, while investigators of possible connection between Russia and the Trump campaign were interested in meeting in June 2016. Trumpa Jr. with a Russian attorney, WikiLeaks asked him for in email about that meeting.

He answered only three initial messages. He thanked for the information on the new website, commented inappropriately on Clinton and requested on October 3, 2016, before WikiLeaks released compelling information about Clinton, details of that information leak.

Although he did not respond to most of the WikiLeak message, the president’s son did not react when the new website was mentioned.

The founder of WikiLeaks Julian Assange assures the Twitter that these messages were part of the promotional campaign.

WikiLekas ​​can be very effective to persuade people, even highly ranked, to be in the interest of helping their posts, he said.

This article was originally published on the Trump News.