Can Tillerson Fix All the Damage Trump Produces?

Can US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson fix all the damage Trump produces? Will Tillerson left the place of US Secretary of State?
Can Tillerson Fix All the Damage Trump Produces?
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Can US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson Fix All the Damage Trump Produces?

When someone says diplomacy and diplomatic efforts last until the first bomb falls, then the only unknown is the date and the hour when the bomb will fall.

This almost controversial statement by US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson on North Korea and its nuclear program actually opens up a big field of political anxiety. First of all because we have two players who are extremely unpredictable and egocentric – Kim Jong and Donald Trump.

In that end, Tillerson seems to play the role of the chief man to control the damage. Poor Rex Tillerson argues that Donald Trump did not mean seriously when he was talking to Twitter about losing time with a rocket man, but that seems to be a matter of controlling damage.

Will Tillerson left the place of US Secretary of State?

Can US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson Fix All the Damage Trump Produces?
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Tillerson would have left place of US Secretary of State for a long time and went to enjoy his ranch in Texas that it was not very delicate and extremely sensitive issues directly affecting global security. This category also includes the latest Trump’s pirate with the Iranian nuclear agreement. It did not confirm that Iran respected all the provisions of this agreement, but did not take that last step, it did not make the decision to unilaterally withdraw the agreement from the United States, but the whole story was crashed to Congress, which must make a decision within 60 days whether or not America will remain in the deal or will come out and impose a new sanction for Iran. And Tillerson and Chief of Pentagon James Mattis are probably smoked from their heads, because it is quite clear to them that Trump has gone too far to open the door to create another nuclear crisis. Now Tillerson and Mattis are likely to shrug their sleeves and immerse themselves in Congress to prevent him from making any kind of damaging decision, or to swallow the parang that Trump threw them down. But it seems to me that there is a plan in the president’s mind to bring these two into madness, so he can get rid of them, as he has already done with a certain number of people whose services and opinions he did not like too much.

Only need to mention Reice Priebus, former first man of the Republican National Congress who accepted Trump for the love of the Republican party and gave him support. He became the head of his cabinet, but his term was short. Between him and Trump there was a conflict over an investigation into the relationship of the president’s pre-election staff with Moscow. It was obvious that this was a very serious break, but the reluctant Reice was still a faithful Republican party soldier, and went on to say that he would continue to support the president. The same scenario was repeated several times. With different people, of course. This and this behavior has turned the United States into a new world of neuralgic points. That is what Europe is aware of, Iranian President Hassan Rohani, China, Russia … I hope that the voice of reason and thinking that leads to a logic other than Trump will just overcome. And of course the desire to turn the world into a nuclear warship.

This article was originally published on the Trump News.