Trump Climate Change

Trump Climate Change

Trump Climate Change does not see as a human-caused reality. Unfortunately this will have major consequences for the climate and the years ahead when Trump could get some work done in preventing climate change. What will be the consequences beacuse Trump climate change blindness? Read all about it.

Trump’s Anti-Climate Budget


Trump’s anti-climate budget as part of his attack on the environment and his denying of climate change, Trump also denying our future and the people of the United States. […]

Curbing Climate Change


Curbing climate change is happening right now, liked it to someone or not. Can we stop curbing climate change or at least mitigate its consequences? […]

Trump Flees DC Climate Protests

Domestic policy

Trump flees DC climate protests and go to rally in Harrisburg which came on the same day when 200,000 people marched in Washington to protest Trump’s anti-environment agenda. […]

On Climate Trudeau Is No Better Than Trump


Trudeau and his people say all the right things on climate, but those words are meaningless if you keep digging up more carbon and selling it to people to burn, and that’s exactly what Trudeau is doing. […]


President Trump’s Climate Change Action

President Trump’s climate change action would effectively reduce social cost of carbon(SCC) to close to zero. This will hamstring US efforts to protect future generations from climate disruption. […]

Domestic policy

Trump and the Climate

Trump and the climate: his hot air on warming is far from the greatest threat for our climate. What is the real risk for climate change in a Trump presidency? […]


Will Donuld Trump Scrap NASA’s Climate Research Mission?

Will Donuld Trump scrap NASA’s climate research mission? With the election of Donald Trump, there was immediate concern – inside NASA and among the fans of its valued work on global warming – about the future of the agency’s earth-science program. […]