Trump Economic Plan

Trump Economic Plan

Trump Economic Plan focuses on “making America great again.” Is it enough that the President Donald Trump change economy?


Trump’s Anti-Climate Budget

Trump’s anti-climate budget as part of his attack on the environment and his denying of climate change, Trump also denying our future and the people of the United States. […]


Trump Trade Fades

Trump Trade fades and we can see evidence for that because the US dollar is trading precariously in 2017. Is everybody pessimistic about Trump Trade? […]

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Trump’s Trade Policy

Trump’s trade policy unleashed a whirlwind of actions that have deep ramifications for U.S. trade. How will President Trump’s trade policy will evolve? […]

Trump Tax Plan


Trump Tax Plan benefits ultra wealthy like and it is clear that this tax plan is made for him. Or does he think that cutting corporate taxes will generate more investment and create more jobs? […]

Trump Betraying Hire American Pledge


Trump betraying Hire American pledge to defend American workers and buy American, hire American rhetoric. Will President Trump stop corporations that receive taxpayer dollars from shipping American jobs overseas? […]

Trump’s Corporate Government


Trump’s Corporate Government is openly seeks guidance and direction from giant corporations on policy making and rushing to deliver subsidies, tax breaks and deregulatory gifts for them. […]

Jared Kushner

Will Trump’s Rich Appointees Pay Taxes?

Will Trump’s rich appointees pay taxes? There are times when two seemingly unrelated tax policies intersect to create windfalls for fortunate people who are in the right place at the right time. Among those who stand to benefit but haven’t been identified until now is Donald Trump’s son-in-law, Jared Kushner, even though he’s not taking a formal government job. […]


Trump and Annual Growth

Can Donald Trump acheive the 4.0 percent annual growth rate as he has promised over the next decade? Maybe but it is likely to involve two items that Trump voters may not like. […]


Trump reject TPP

Trump reject TPP because trade agreements like NAFTA have allowed developing countries to “steal” American manufacturing job, but he tells a half truth about why the trade accord among a dozen Pacific Rim nations is a bad deal. […]


Donald Trump and Global Economy

Donald Trump and global economy and his impact on her as president of U.S. will soon show on world markets will he slow global trade, growth and investment and could he potentially trigger trade and currency wars. […]


Can Trump Create Millions of Jobs?

Can Trump create millions of jobs? Trump claims he would create 25 million jobs over the next decade as president because he has succeeded at creating jobs and businesses. […]


Trump on Infrastructure

Trump on infrastructure vs. Clinton on infrastructure or how each candidate may affect our country’s infrastructure. […]


Trump as ‘Savior’ of American Workers

Trump as ‘savior’ of American workers has emerged as the improbable, and self-proclaimed, champion despite the fact that Trump has failed to articulate substantive policy positions regarding labor issues, other than generic railing against foreign competition and bad trade deals. […]