Trump Election 2016

Trump Election 2016

Trump Election 2016 for President of the United States in the 2016 election started at the 2016 Republican National Convention. The convention formally nominated Donald Trump for President and Indiana Governor Mike Pence for Vice President.

FBI Finds no Evidence of Obama Wiretap Trump

Domestic policy

FBI finds no evidence of Obama wiretap Trump Tower during the election. The wiretapping claim became part of the investigation after Trump tweeted that Barack Obama had ordered his phones be tapped prior to the November 2016 election. […]

Trump Rule by Tweet


Trump rule by tweet or Trump twiat is not anymore new way of sustaining a political campaign, but also a new way of making policy. […]

Trump Wins in US Election


Trump wins in US election by 306 Electoral Votes (EVs). While this seems a convincing victory let see how people in reality vote throgh the states. […]

Donald Trump Supporters are Human Too


“Donald Trump supporters are human too.” , “I don’t hate Donald Trump, he is my brother too. ” these are just some of the phrases in the text and why we must not forget that we are one nation and stand together, written by supporter of Hillary Clinton. […]


The Real Reason Trump Won

The real reason Trump won is that many Trump supporters believe themselves to be losing “their” country, something that leads them to prefer a social milieu more consistent with days gone by. […]


Donald Trump has Won an Ugly Victory

Donald Trump has won an ugly victory after poisoning and dividing America. The election that elevated him to this office has been brutal, ugly and bizarre. It has poisoned the well of American democracy, and the toxins it has introduced are unlikely to disperse anytime soon. The nation is now so divided that Democrats and Republicans are unable to agree on what constitutes factual reality. How did it come to this? […]


Trump and White Identity

We’re not the first to tie Trump’s candidacy to white identity politics. When we talk about white identity, we’re not referring to the alt-right fringe, the white nationalist movement or others who espouse racist beliefs. Rather, we’re talking about everyday white Americans who, perhaps for the first time, are racially conscious […]


Trump and Clinton Face Off

Trump and Clinton face off in first US presidential debate as the two candidates sparred over economic growth, free trade, race relations and American foreign policy […]


Trump Clinton Debate

Trump stumped in first debate with Clinton and by the end of the debate, it was clear Trump had been defeated. Will it cost him? […]


Donald Trump Running Mate Mike Pence

Donald Trump running mate Mike Pence was in the middle of a tough reelection fight when the call came from Trump. He dropped his gubernatorial bid to run on the national ticket. […]


Did Trump Kill the Tea Party?

Did Donald Trump kill the Tea Party? Has presumptive Republican nominee Donald Trump is really president candidate what Tea Party members wants? […]


Clinton and Trump

Clinton and Trump are now the overwhelming favorites to represent the Democratic and Republican parties in the presidential election in the fall. […]


Will Trump be President?

Will Trump be president? Trump’s march to the nomination has shocked the GOP establishment and defied conventional wisdom. Could he pull off an even bigger upset by winning the White House in November? If history, polling data and demographics are any guide, the answer is no. The evidence suggests that Trump will likely suffer a crushing defeat in the general election. […]


Trump vs Clinton

Trump vs Clinton in epic showdown is shaping up between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton building critical momentum for their campaigns. […]


Make America Great Again

Trump’s Make America Great Again sloganeering makes it apparent that Trump and his followers don’t see the ugly parts of our nation’s past as problematic. But it’s wrong to whitewash history. […]


Trump the Demagogue

Trump the demagogue is the word that describe a leader who capitalizes on popular prejudices, makes false claims and promises, and uses arguments based on emotion rather than reason. […]