Trump Finances

Trump Finances

Trump Finances are more than ever before in the public focus. Will Trump transparently conduct and present his private finances during his presidency?

Trump Trade Fades


Trump Trade fades and we can see evidence for that because the US dollar is trading precariously in 2017. Is everybody pessimistic about Trump Trade? […]

Trumps’ New Hotels

Real estates

Trumps’ new hotels, not one but four Trump-branded hotels are open in Mississippi. Will Trump financially benefit from the hotel partnerships while in office? […]

Trump Tax Proposal


Trump tax proposal could cause weaken faith in the fairness of the tax system and the consequences of that could be devastating. […]

US Workers Unite Against Trump


US workers unite against Trump if you are tired of being demonized and scapegoated and you think you had enough. Show that US workers are one voice. […]

Trump’s Corporate Tax Cut


Trump’s corporate tax cut will be a huge windfall for corporations and a huge burden on ordinary Americans. This is truly dumb idea, you know why? […]

Donald Trump’s Big Tax Cut


Donald Trump’s big tax cut proposal could net him hundreds of millions of dollars over the next decade. Is a Trump plan to Make America Great Again for very rich people? […]


Trump Betraying Hire American Pledge

Trump betraying Hire American pledge to defend American workers and buy American, hire American rhetoric. Will President Trump stop corporations that receive taxpayer dollars from shipping American jobs overseas? […]


Will Donald Trump Release Taxes?

Will Trump release taxes? Thousands people took part in more than 200 rallies across the nation on Saturday to send a message to President Donald Trump that the nation wants to know who he does business with. […]


Financial Disclosures of Trump Staff

Financial disclosures of Trump staff lay out all sorts of details, including information on ownership of stocks, real estate and companies, and make possible conflicts of interest public. […]


Trump’s Skinny Budget

Trump’s skinny budget, expected to come out around March 16, will be a lot skinnier than usual. Will Trum skinny budget provide a consistent vision for the nation? […]


Donald Trump Net Worth

Donald Trump net worth was much lower than what he said pubicly. Trump’s accountant prepared a financial statement for New York City which estimate Trump’s net worth. […]


Trump’s Trade Policy

Trump’s trade policy unleashed a whirlwind of actions that have deep ramifications for U.S. trade. How will President Trump’s trade policy will evolve? […]


What the Trump Foundation Controversies Reveal?

What the Trump Foundation controversies reveal? The controversies surrounding Trump’s philanthropy begin with his repeated claims that he has been very charitable, giving more than US$100 million over the past five years. […]


Real Costs of Trump’s Wall

Real costs of Trump’s wall, stretching across the entire US border with Mexico, is in billions of dollars. Read the analyse how much the Trump wall would really cost. […]


The Truth about Trump University

The truth about Trump University lies in the fact it is not an accredited institution. In fact, New York authorities insist it was breaking the law by calling itself a university. […]


Trump Foundation

Trump Foundation or the Donald J. Trump Foundation is a New York-based private foundation founded and chaired by President of the United States Donald Trump. […]

Donald Trump

Trump Net Worth

Trump net worth was $3.7 billion estimated by Forbes in 2016 and $3 billion estimated by Bloomberg. These estimates would make him one of the richest politicians in American history. […]