Trump Wall

Trump Wall

Trump Wall is part of his promise during the presidential campaign that will build a wall between Mexico and the United States. Here you can find the latest information with regard to this promise.

Trump’s Border Wall

Trump’s Border Wall

Domestic policy

Trump’s border wall brings to mind another seemingly impossible engineering feat from the realm of science fiction. Will the wall ever be completed? […]

A mom’s view of the Trump wall

A Mom’s View of the Trump wall

Foreign policy

A mom’s view of the Trump wall is simple while all the grown-ups are arguing about Trump’s Wall and who’s going to pay for it. Does that really matter? Wouldn’t you, as a parent, pay anything if you could to keep your kids safe from drugs? […]

Who will pay for Trump’s wall?

Who will Pay for Trump’s Wall?

Foreign policy

Who will pay for Trump’s wall? Will the wall be effective in keeping undocumented migrants out? What can be done to keep U.S. taxpayers from footing the bill? […]

Trump's wall with Mexico

Trump’s Wall with Mexico


Trump’s wall with Mexico misunderstands the problems of globalization and migration it aims to address. Building walls has rarely has achieved its intended effect, and may result in wasted resources and lost opportunities for the United States. […]

Donald Trump visit Mexico

Donald Trump Visit Mexico

Donald Trump visit Mexico last month for a private meeting with President Enrique Peña. The backlash on social media against Peña’s decision to invite Trump was swift. […]

Real costs of Trump’s wall

Real Costs of Trump’s Wall

Real costs of Trump’s wall, stretching across the entire US border with Mexico, is in billions of dollars. Read the analyse how much the Trump wall would really cost. […]