Trump Abolished Obama’s Provision for Women Contraception

Trump abolished Obama's provision for women to receive money back from employers for contraception. Did conservative structure in US win?
Trump Abolished Obama's Provision for Women Contraception
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WIN OF CONSERVATIVE STRUCTURE IN US: Trump abolished Obama’s provision for women to receive money back from employers for contraception

The Donald Trump administration on Friday annulled the law “Obamacare”, which obliged employers to refund their contraceptive money as part of the health care of their employees.

This measure extends the exemption, already granted to religious institutions, to all commercial companies.

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The new regulation “extends the exemptions to protect the moral convictions of certain entities and individuals whose health coverage

 The text is likely to affect millions of Americans who have received money back from employers’ contraceptives under President Barack Obama ‘s health insurance law, whose abolition was promised by Donald Trump .

This obligation was challenged since the entry into force of the law in 2010. After a long legal battle, the United States Supreme Court in 2014 issued the right to two companies who, because of their religious beliefs, refused to comply with Obamacare’s law on some contraceptive means.

In May, Donald Trump signed the Decree on Religious Freedom, by which he ordered his administration to take into account the “conscience appeal” in terms of contraception.

This article was originally published on the Trump News.