Trump Asia

Trump Asia

Trump Asia is list of news, stories and articles about Donald Trump policy and political decisions for Asia and how they affect on citizens of our countries.

Foreign policy

Fire and fury

Fire and fury is the latest Trump’s impulsive rhetoric on North Korea that threatens the region as never before and only replicates the aggressive and posturing rhetoric of the North Korean regime. Did we get one step closer to the tragedy that Mattis predicted? […]

Foreign policy

Trump’s Threat of Fire and Fury

Trump’s Threat of fire and fury essentially foretold a thermonuclear war with North Korea. What will President Trump do if North Korea test another missile? […]

Foreign policy

Trump and North Korea

Trump and North Korea must search solution far beyond the scope of military action, requiring patience, innovative thinking and disciplined strategic restraint on the part of policymakers. […]

Foreign policy

Trump-Xi summit

Trump-Xi summit will likely not be ideal for reaching consensus on issues such as trade, the North Korean nuclear crisis and the one-China policy. […]

Foreign policy

Xi Meets Trump

Xi meets Trump and the real issue is whether the two men, in the moments of their initial encounter, actually like each other? […]

Foreign policy

Trouble for US-Japan Relations

Why a row over military bases on Okinawa spells trouble for US-Japan relations? Okinawa’s maverick governor, Takeshi Onaga, wants to see the troops’ presence greatly reduced. He is lobbying to draw Trump’s attention to the issue, but is struggling to get his voice heard. […]


Trump reject TPP

Trump reject TPP because trade agreements like NAFTA have allowed developing countries to “steal” American manufacturing job, but he tells a half truth about why the trade accord among a dozen Pacific Rim nations is a bad deal. […]


Trump has Accused China

American property developer Donald Trump has accused China of ripping off the United States at a time when China’s President Hu Jintao visited Washington D.C. as an official guest of President Obama recently. […]