Did Trump Ask Putin Directly whether Russia Influence on the Elections?

Did Trump on his briefly meeting with a Russian president really ask Putin whether Russia influenced the USA presidential elections?
Did Trump Ask Putin Directly whether Russia Influence on the Elections?

Trump ask Putin whether Russia influenced on the elections

Russian President Vladimir Putin has offended allegations of Russia mixing in the US presidential election, US President Donald Trump said after a brief meeting with Putin on the sidelines of APEC’s summit in Vietnam. You can ask as many times as you want … he said that he absolutely did not mix in our choices, Trump told reporters at Air Force One’s presidential plane on a flight to Hanoi.

Putin’s charges of interference with Moscow later called absurd. The US Department of Justice examines these allegations, as well as those about Trump’s advisers agreement with Russia. Putin rejected alleged links between former Trump leader Paula Manafort and Russia, saying they invented Trump’s opponents as a weapon against him.

All about the so-called. the Russian file in the US is an indicator of internal political struggles, Putin said at a press conference in APEC. He (Putin) said he did not mix. I ask Putin again, He said he did not mix., Trump told journalists in plane for Hanoi.

He added that Putin was offended, which is not good for our country. Putin said he conducted a normal dialogue with the US president at the summit, describing Trump as a sleek and educated person and a friendly interlocutor. He also said there was a need for further US-Russian contacts at the level of heads of state and their officials, during which they will discuss further security and economic development.

Trump ask Putin whether Russia influenced on the elections
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The Russian president stressed that he was disappointed with the restrictions imposed by the United States on Russian media operating in the US territory, assessing it as an attack on freedom of speech. I want to remind you that there is no confirmation that the Russian media have mediated or that they were intermingled in the election campaign, he said.

Putin warned that Russian retaliation measures would be proportionate and reciprocal. The Russian parliament discussed countermeasures in response to the restrictions imposed by the US on Russia Today’s, Russian television in America. Representatives have announced that some US media in Russia could declare foreign agents and force them to regularly publish funding sources.

The two leaders earlier in the joint statement on Syria have announced that they will continue efforts to fight the Islamic State (IS) until its complete defeat. We agreed very quickly, Trump said. It will save many lives, he pointed out.

The Kremlin announced that Trump and Putin on the margins of the summit agreed on the need for a political solution to the Syria war and that they would continue fighting the IS. The two leaders confirmed their commitment to Syrian sovereignty, independence and territorial integrity, and called on all sides in the Syrian conflict to actively participate in the Geneva’s political process. Moscow and Washington agree that there is no military solution to the conflict, according to a statement published on the Kremlin website.

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