Trump in a Little Tweet Completly Infuriate Hollywood

Trump in a little tweet completly infuriate Hollywood and famous people have been brutally attacked Trump for his insulting the sentenced Mayor of San Juan.
Trump in a Little Tweet Completly Infuriate Hollywood


US President Donald Trump blamed Puerto Rican for slowness in the process of recovering the damage caused by the devastating hurricane Mary, pointing out that his government had done a “fantastic job” and thus rejected the criticism that she was responsible for the catastrophe.

On Saturday, Trump launched a Twitter attack on Carmen Yulin Cruz , mayor of San Juan, the city’s largest island on Friday, which criticized Trump’s administration on Friday and asked for additional help, which received huge media attention across the United States.

Maria, the most powerful storm that has hit Puerto Rico for almost 90 years, has destroyed the infrastructure of energy and communication systems, hindering access to food, fuel and fuel throughout the island. According to official records, the hurricane killed at least 16 people.

Trump, who spend a weekend at his Bedminster estate in New Jersey, believes Cruz, a Hurricane who lives in a shelter because her home is destroyed, attacks on party grounds.

“What poor leadership of the mayor of San Juan and others in Puerto Rico can not motivate their workers to pitch,” the US president said on Tuesday that he would visit the island.

“They want everything to be done for them, and that should be the role of the community,” Trump added.

Mayor of San Juan thanked the republican representatives who visited the island after the release of the president on Twitter.

“The goal is one: life-saving. It’s time to show our ‘true colors,'” wrote Cruz, sharing photos of Puerto Ricanians helping each other.

Trump will telephone by telephone on Saturday with the governor of that island with Ricardo Rossell . This Republican press conference refused to comment on the announcements by the US president who claims he did not see them. He pointed out that he did not want to be involved in the political quarrel.

“Let me emphasize that I’m open to cooperation with everyone,” Rossello said.

“This is a point where we can no longer deal with small disagreements and make policy-based differences,” he added.

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He stressed that Trump’s administration had given his government what he was looking for “immediately after the hurricane, but warned that the US Congress would need to help rebuild that island, home to about 3.4 million Americans.

“If the congress does not go into action with an important package, we are facing a possible humanitarian crisis,” said the governor.

“What will be the consequences of this trouble? No doubt it will be a mass exodus,” concluded Rossello.

Puerto Rico is an American island territory, and residents of such areas are considered to be US citizens, although they do not pay federal taxes, participate in US elections, and have no representatives in Congress.

Famous people in the United States from the show world, most of them from Hollywood, such as Lady Gage, John Legend and others, have been brutally attacked Trump for insulting the sentenced Mayor of San Juan.

The most intense was Lin-Manuel Miranda , the Pulitzer winner and the hit hit musical on Broadway Hamilton. He told Trump that he would go straight to hell because of his words. You will not have to wait okay, someone will tell you, ‘This way, sir,’ Miranda said, who was born in Puerto Rico, but left him as a teenager and came to New York.

“I think it’s quite clear whose leadership is weak,” Lady Gaga wrote.

This article was originally published on the Trump News.