About Trump News

Trump News website is a place where you meet a variety of independent sources of news about Donald Trump and his policies decisions, from the forefin policy to the domestic policy and it is an attempt to realistically show how Trump decisions affect the lives of ordinary people, not only in the United States but also at globally level.

Sources of Trump News

There are several sources of news that the Trump News website likes to track and publish next to its own news about Donald Trump.

The first source of our news are independent media that have revelations proved that are not under anyone’s media control and that publish news about which you did not much heard in other mainstream media and which have been proven that do not publish false news about Donald Trump which have been published a lot lately on the Internet.

About Trump NewsThe second source of our news are the articles and announcements of various professors, scientists, assistants, students and other highly educated people from various universities around the world who publish their opinions about Donald Trump and his political actions and decisions. Unless we are willing to listen to the thoughts of highly educated people who are really his work gained a reputation in the scientific community, we will never be able to truly discover how Trump sometimes makes mistakes or take the right decisions at the head of the United States.

The third source of news are ordinary people, people who you meet in your their daily lives on the street. We want to show how ordinary people experience Trump’s decisions as they affect their lives and that behind these decisions is not a statistic and numbers, but a lot of personal destinies. Some of these stories are for Trump, some are against it and some are generally critical about the Trump’s government members.

The main idea of Trump News

But the main idea of this Trump News website is to encourage the reader to think how Trump government work, to ask questions about that work and anything you read in our news, to seek additional information as on this website, as well as on other sources of news from that we publish and follow.

If you have story about Donald Trump, and you want to post it on Trump News, feel free to contact us.

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