Trump Foreign Policy

Trump Foreign Policy

Trump Foreign Policy and his political decisions and reactions to events in the world are all still a big unknown. Will it remain so? Read all about it.

What to do about Iran?

Foreign policy

What to do about Iran?If President Trump blows up the nuclear deal with Iran, then what? Does anybody can offer any plausible alternative for restraining Iran’s nuclear ambitions? […]

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Foreign policy

Trump’s Global Family Planning Cuts

Trump’s global family planning cuts put millions of lives at risk. Trump administration cut off U.S. contributions which provides and funds reproductive health services in poor countries. […]

Foreign policy

Trump’s Unilateral Attack on Syria

Trump’s unilateral attack on Syria without legal authorization or independent verification risks intensifying a multi-sided conflict that has already killed hundreds of thousands of people. […]

Foreign policy

Trump-Xi summit

Trump-Xi summit will likely not be ideal for reaching consensus on issues such as trade, the North Korean nuclear crisis and the one-China policy. […]

Foreign policy

Xi Meets Trump

Xi meets Trump and the real issue is whether the two men, in the moments of their initial encounter, actually like each other? […]

Foreign policy

Trump Orders Missile Strikes on Syria

Trump Orders Missile Strikes on Syria and her airfield from which Syrian leader Bashar al-Assad launched a chemical weapons attack earlier this week that killed more than 80 civilians. […]

Jared Kushner

Why is Jared Kushner in Iraq?

Trump’s son-in-law Jared Kushner accompanied the Joint Chiefs of Staff chairman on an official visit to Iraq even he has no diplomatic, military, or foreign policy experience. […]

Foreign policy

Judge Blocks Second Trump Travel Ban

Judge blocks second Trump travel ban that would cause irreparable harm to individuals from specific groups and that it could be subject to reasonable challenge on the basis of religious discrimination. […]

Foreign policy

Trump Loses Travel Ban Appeal

Trump loses travel ban appeal in thursday’s appellate court opinion. But if the fightfor travel ban ended or is actually just begun? […]

Foreign policy

Trouble for US-Japan Relations

Why a row over military bases on Okinawa spells trouble for US-Japan relations? Okinawa’s maverick governor, Takeshi Onaga, wants to see the troops’ presence greatly reduced. He is lobbying to draw Trump’s attention to the issue, but is struggling to get his voice heard. […]

Foreign policy

A Mom’s View of the Trump wall

A mom’s view of the Trump wall is simple while all the grown-ups are arguing about Trump’s Wall and who’s going to pay for it. Does that really matter? Wouldn’t you, as a parent, pay anything if you could to keep your kids safe from drugs? […]


Trump’s Russia Scandals

Trump’s Russia scandals could be about to get much, much worse and we have to ask again and again what the president knew and when did he know it? […]

Foreign policy

Who will Pay for Trump’s Wall?

Who will pay for Trump’s wall? Will the wall be effective in keeping undocumented migrants out? What can be done to keep U.S. taxpayers from footing the bill? […]

Foreign policy

Trump’s Travel Ban

Does Trump’s travel ban has anything with national security? Travel ban is supposedly meant to protect the nation from foreign terrorists, but does it keep Americans safe? […]

Foreign policy

Trump’s Immigration Ban

Trump’s immigration ban moved over the weekend immigration from 7 Muslim nations. What will happen with students and scholars with valid study and work visa? […]

Foreign policy

Trump’s Strategy on Immigration

Trump’s strategy on immigration comes straight from the Middle East playbook. Does Trump know what is 2. lesson from the Middle East immigration experience? […]

Foreign policy

Donald Trump’s Ban

Donald Trump’s ban will limit the number of refugees the US admits in 2017 to 50,000. So, what does this all mean for refugees? […]

Foreign policy

Trump’s Immigration Order

Trump’s immigration order could become a recruitment tool for terrorists and risks straining or losing important diplomatic ties and fragile relationships. […]


Trump’s Wall with Mexico

Trump’s wall with Mexico misunderstands the problems of globalization and migration it aims to address. Building walls has rarely has achieved its intended effect, and may result in wasted resources and lost opportunities for the United States. […]

Foreign policy

Trump’s Undiplomatic Twitter Diplomacy

Trump’s undiplomatic Twitter diplomacy isn’t a joke – it’s a catastrophic risk. Trump has recklessly trampled into some of the world’s diciest diplomatic minefields, Tweeting first and thinking about the consequences later. […]

Foreign policy

Trump’s Vision of US-Russian Relations

Trump’s vision of US-Russian relations cause for concern about his actual foreign policy visions. Will Trump and Putin restore US-Russian relations after their countries relations hit rock bottom in recent years? […]

Foreign policy

Trump Emoluments Clause

Emoluments clause: Could overturning 185 years of precedent let Donald Trump off the hook? What is Emoluments clause and why is so important? […]

Foreign policy

Trump Face the Middle East

Trump face the Middle East despite his lack of regional knowledge. Can President Trump adopt policies that respond to the realities of today’s Middle East? […]


Trump reject TPP

Trump reject TPP because trade agreements like NAFTA have allowed developing countries to “steal” American manufacturing job, but he tells a half truth about why the trade accord among a dozen Pacific Rim nations is a bad deal. […]