Why Trump is Showing Naval Muscle of the Seventh Fleet in Asia?

Why are three nuclear carrier of the Seventh Fleet mounted in front of the coasts of China and Korea ahead of Trump's visit to Asia?
Why Trump is Showing Naval Muscle of the Seventh Fleet in Asia?
Photo by U.S. Naval Forces Central Command/U.S. Fifth Fleet

Three nuclear carrier of the Seventh Fleet mounted in front of the coasts of China and Korea ahead of Trump’s visit to Asia

The United States has even deployed three Nimitz nuclear-powered aircraft pilots in the Asia-Pacific zone after a substantial increase in tension on the Korean peninsula due to the joint military exercises of the United States and South Korea.

USS Ronald Reagan aircraft carrier and his fighter group participated in the series of military exercises along with the South Korean forces for the past week. A few days ago, USS Theodore Roosevelt, a USS Theodore Roosevelt fighter group, has also entered the wider area, and today it is announced that USS Nimitz has been deployed under the Seventh Fleet Command.

Reinforcement for the Seventh Fleet

The seventh fleet seat is located in Yokosuki, Japan, and some of its elements are seperated in South Korea. There are 60 to 70 boats, 300 aircraft, 40,000 sailors and mariners. Otherwise, under his control, there is an aircraft carrier – currently Ronald Reagan whose base is also in Japan – but now expanded with two additional combat racing groups.

Although the recent information was restored by the USS Carl Vinson carrier in the Seventh Fleet, five days ago, it was announced that this carrier was testing the Navy version of the F-35C aircraft, which landed on the open air carrier for the first time last week.

With three nuclear superconductors – all three Nimitz – Sedma fleets currently have more than a hundred additional aircraft, and is one of the world’s largest maritime and airborne concentrations.

Photo by 대한민국 국군 Republic of Korea Armed Forces

The highest concentration of force in 26 years

Otherwise, it is extremely rare that both combat aircraft carrier groups find themselves in the same area – the last time that happened in June this year, when Carl Vinson and Reagan spent a couple of days conducting a military exercise near the Korean Peninsula, but this was the first in almost 30 years. The last time three or more aircraft carriers were in the same area of ​​activity were involved in the first Gulf War.

Nimitz, Reagan and Roosevelt are likely to conduct new military exercises in co-operation with Japan and South Korea, and their gathering seems to be in response to more and more testing North Korean ballistic missiles over Japan’s territory.

– The state has steadily improved its nuclear and ballistic capabilities, Japanese Defense Minister Onunor Onodera said .

“The threat now represented by North Korea has grown to a critical level unprecedented,” said Onodera.

Message to China and Kim Jong-un

Military analysts believe that the presence of three nuclear aircraft carrier in the region will send a strong signal to China and North Korea.

“This is a significant project of force, whenever a carrier enters a region,” Adam Mount ‘s defense analyst CNN said.

– Movement of carriers and their accompanying ships will send a message to China that the US is still the dominant force in the Pacific, said retired Admiral John Kirby .

Paradiso before Trumpa visit

The gathering of three carriers in the region overlaps with the planned Asian tour of President Donald Trump , who should begin his 12-day visit to China, Japan, South Korea and Vietnam by the beginning of next month.

– Although ship movements have been planned, this is a nice overlap. The Navy exploits this overlap to demonstrate its capabilities to potential rivals, Kirby said.

This article was originally published on the Trump News.