Does Trump Want’s to Eliminate Internet Neutrality?

Does Trump want's to eliminate Internet neutrality and equal access to the Internet for all? Is it time to protest again for Internet neutrality?
Does Trump Want's to Eliminate Internet Neutrality?

Trump’s man at the head of US Federal Communications Commission (FCC) announced the deletion of rules that ensured Internet neutrality and equal access to the Internet for all

The US Federal Communications Commission (FCC) announced on Tuesday it plans to abolish regulations that ensure Internet neutrality and equal access to the Internet for all, the New York Times writes. It is believed that abolishing of the regulations will allow companies to charge or block more content.

Director of FCC Ajit Pai with this proposal seeks to abolish regulations from the era of President Barack Obama for companies who offer consumers Internet access by blocking access to certain sites, slowing the speed when accessing certain pages and additional charging for access to the highest quality services.

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Telecoms have for years lobbied for the abolition of regulations relating to broadband Internet and it seems that the December 14, when it will be on Pai proposal to vote, get what they want – fewer rules and more freedom for the design of competition. Most will lose their Internet sites and services because it will potentially all the contents will have to pass through the filter of telecoms. Of course, users would also be able to find among the losers because their monthly bills could rise.

The government will cease to manage the Internet at the micro level, Pai said in a statement which is in charge of the FCC set the current American President Donald Trump. Instead, the FCC will simply of companies that provide Internet services required to operate transparently so that consumers can select those service packages that are best for them.

By abolishing the rules set in 2015, the FCC’s decision to treat the internet as well as access to the phone and electricity will be abolished. This decision created the legal framework for Internet neutrality and underlined the importance of fast Internet for the US and beyond.

Pai’s proposal would, in all probability, go through the vote on December 14, as five members of the FCC council, three Republicans and two Democrats are expected to vote for party affiliation.

This article was originally published on the Trump News.