Which US Presidency Codes Trump Violated in his First Year of Mandate?

Which US Presidency codes Trump violated since his unexpected victory at the US presidential election on November 8, 2016?
Which US Presidency Codes Trump Violated in his First Year of Mandate?

First year of mandate: Trump violated all US Presidency codes

In the year of the unexpected victory at the US presidential election on November 8, 2016, Donald Trump violated all US Presidency codes.

How much Trump moves amuse his voting base, so much sadden his opponents, while the rest of the world, this new way of exercising the presidential duty looks from curiosity and amazement to astonishment.

Whether he is in the Oval Office, the headquarters of his Trump Tower business office in New York or in the Air Force One presidential squad, Trump’s moves and words clearly show how frustrated he is in performing his presidential duties.

As Presidential candidate Trump has won the mandate with rhetoric against the elites and promises to restore the United States to its former magnitude, but today, as the 45th US president is trying to carry out electoral promises and announced reforms despite the good economic indicators (growth and employment).

Donald J. Trump (71), who did not hold any political duty before the election for the White House, today shares the blows without hesitation, screams in front of the Fox News cameras, the only television he is watching and gives almost all of his interviews and behaves as if he is still in the campaign, not in the Oval Office with full working time and duties.

The man who promised to be the most presidential of all the White House tenants in the past (with the exception of Abraham Lincoln), Trump every morning on Twitter, his favorite public communications forum, is empty the batches of tweets that are most often counted against his opponents.

Faithful to his promises

Trump violated all US Presidency codes
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In the campaign Trump promised to thoroughly penetrate Washington and turn America’s top policy into the main motive of its moves. Trump president “defies media and bureaucrats that go too far,” estimates Eric Beach, Republican strategist.

In the campaign the Trump has promised to thoroughly shake up Washington, a policy America first turn into the main motive of his actions. Trump president defies media and bureaucrats that go too far, estimates Eric Beach, Republican strategist.

A year after the election and ten months after taking over, Trump is the president who enjoys the lowest support in the modern US history. According to the poll from Gallup Trump’s popularity dropped to 33 percent, and it is the lowest since he took the office. If we compare the same time period of Trump and its five predecessors, Democrats and Republicans, Trump’s popularity for them is far behind.

Systematically fighting with the legacy of his predecessor Barack Obama, Trump chose a more rough and straightforward style, in his words on behalf of forgotten America that led him to power. This is the America of white people, as the often angry white workers said, the greatest losers of globalization whose fears and anxieties Trump knew how to articulate in the electoral campaign.

I have inherited a huge mess, Trump repeated in a desire to highlight the legacy of his predecessors who are mentioned very rarely by him and he never did not address them for the assistance.

Sometimes naive, sometimes tricky, Donald Trump has admitted over the months how difficult is the presidential duty. A man who brag about his mastery of doing business, as the president fails to establish a good dialogue with Congress, despite the fact that Republicans have majority in both.

As President Trump is inferior to clumsiness, he acts authoritatively and controversial in communication with agents and officials, and in effort to make his electoral promises reality he faces blockades, whether it is the limitation of immigration or the abolition of the existing health system, so-called ObamaCare.


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That president is steadfast, it is impossible to rule, said New York Democratic Senator Chuck Schumer.

No matter who it is, a Republican leader in the Senate, a judge from Hawaii, intelligence agencies, governor of Puerto Rico or the media accusing him of “plotting false news,” Donald is in a permanent offensive.

He is in war with almost the whole world … Every week he represents a new enemy to the Americans, says Julian Zelizer, a professor at Princeton University.

His spokeswoman, Sarah Huckabee-Sanders, defends Trump’s iconoclastic style and claims that the people of this country did not choose the juggle. They wanted a solid man who knew how to get back when attacked.

Trump’s presidential term at the beginning is to see what the effects of his policies will be, for example in the economy, but now many are concerned about the sort of erosion of presidential duties.

Former President George W. Bush warned about isolationism, intolerance and the rise of conspiracy theories and lies in American politics. The president is inclined to alternative truth is dangerous for democracy,” warned two Republican senators.

Trump moves and his words could have a huge impact on the most important institutions of our democracy, Julian Zelizer estimates and warns: The greatest danger lies in the fact that we may not be able to be surprised by anything else.

This article was originally published on the Trump News.