Will Trump Seek from Jinping for Stronger Pressure on North Korea?

Will US President Donald Trump next month during China's visit seek President Xi Jinping to keep his commitments to pressure on North Korea?
Will Trump Seek from Jinping for Stronger Pressure on North Korea?
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Trump will seek from Jinping for stronger pressure on North Korea

US President Donald Trump next month during China’s visit seek President Xi Jinping to keep his commitments to pressure on North Korea, according to a White House official.

Further isolation of North Korea due to nuclear and ballistic missile testing is crucial to Trump’s goal of this foreign trip, which will be the longest in his mandate so far.Trump will invite Xija to fully implement the United Nations Security Council resolution against Pyongyang, and to take other steps to create pressure on North Korea.

Beijing has announced that it will stick tightly to Council sanctions for banning the import of coal, textiles and marine food products, and to halt oil exports to North Korea. But a senior White House official who echoes Trump’s visit to China to his reporters has highlighted his main points that China must do more to keep the UN resolution adopted unanimously, with the support of Beijing.

Although China is furious about the frequent nuclear and missile tests of North Korea, and has demanded that they stop running, Beijing considers the growing tensions of both the United States and South Korea to hold joint military exercises in the region.

A special Chinese envoy for North Korea’s nuclear issues, Kong Xuanyou, met with US counterpart Joseph Yun on Monday, the Chinese Foreign Ministry said. Two diplomats had “extensive exchange of views on the Korean Peninsula,” the ministry said, without further explanation.

Trump, who threatened to “completely destroy” North Korea, often demanded from China to influence the leader of that state, Kim Jong Una. But its strategy has so far failed to stop Pyongyang in conducting nuclear bomb testing in the underground facility, and firing ballistic missiles over Japan in the Pacific Ocean.

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Critical Threat

The threat of North Korea has grown to a “critical and inevitable level,” and the US, Japan and South Korea have to face this problem, Japanese Defense Minister Oneunore Onodera said in talks with his US and Korean counterparts on Monday.Onoder’s statements show North Tokyo’s deep concern with North Korean weapons.

A White House official who spoke on condition of anonymity pointed out that Trump sought a peaceful solution to the conflict on the Korean Peninsula. Asked about former American President Jimmy Carter’s bid to act as an American delegate in North Korea, the official said “nothing was planned”.

Singapore Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong on Monday found out what his country is doing to put pressure on North Korea over the nuclear program, but advised him to resolve the dispute.

“There is no need for a quick and easy solution, but there is a need for pressure, but dialogue.” The United States will have to cooperate with others, including China, South Korea, Japan and Russia to solve this problem, “said Singapore’s leader.Since Xi Jinping at the recent congress of the Communist Party in Beijing consolidated his power, Trump believes that the Chinese leader will have greater authority to take steps against North Korea, government officials have revealed last week.

Trump travel to East Asia will last from November 3 to 14, and will visit Japan, South Korea, China, Vietnam and the Philippines. In talks with Xija, he will be keen on trade, wanting to reduce the US trade deficit with China, according to a White House official.

This article was originally published on the Trump News.