Will Trump’s Tax Reform Drag US to Even Bigger Debt?

Will Trump's tax reform drag US to even bigger debt how would 1 percent of the richest get the sun, moon and stars at the expense of middle class?
Will Trump's Tax Reform Drag US to Even Bigger Debt?

TRUMP’S TAX REFORM WILL DRAG US TO FURTHER DEBT how would 1 percent of the richest get the sun, moon and stars at the expense of middle class

Now a feverish struggle begins. Republicans finally exposed the content of their long-announced and equally long-anticipated tax reform. And now she has to go through Congress. President Donald Trump has promised in the campaign to make the most comprehensive tax reform in history that will provide an unimaginable boost to the growth of the US economy. And it will also make life easier for all Americans. As it has not fulfilled any of the major promises, tax reform has become the mother of all laws and must pass. This is an extremely important and special moment for our country, for all Americans

Will we allow the defenders of the status quo to win and watch our country continue to tune in?Paul Ryan, the president of Congress, warned. His statement immediately caught up with sharp reactions, and the Reuters agency immediately quoted him and warned that Ryan ignored the fact that the US had been growing economically for eight years in a row.Trump, reports Reuters, at a meeting with Ryan and Republican leaders, said that they are counting on them to maintain a positive wave that has started (tightly) budgeting and that he expects the tax reform to be voted up to Thanksgiving, November 23rd.

But since this is a comprehensive 429-page legal proposal, it will not be accepted in less than three weeks. Especially since lobbyists, democrats, and part of the dissatisfied Republicans jumped to their feet, and Washington is now shaking off from frustrating arguments about where and to whom to cut taxes and to raise them. Peter Roskam, a Republican from Illinois, has explained this mood snappishly: We have just completed the opening ceremony of the Olympic Games for lobbyists. Trump left his republics to blame themselves with these problems and went on a trip to Asia, the longest trip since President Bush’s older era.

TRUMP TAX REFORMRepublican Bob Corker, who was in the quarrel with Trump (called the White House for Adult Care Centers), said he was just interested in not having a new law to increase the deficit and to close the $ 4 trillion debt. His party colleague Kevin Brady immediately admitted that the law’s result would be an increase of $ 1.5 trillion in the next ten years. Some non-partisan experts say that the increase may be even higher.

Nancy Pelosi, a Democrat and former President of Congress, said that 1 percent of the richest Republicans will get the sun, the moon and the stars and all at the expense of the big middle class. You should know that Pelosi is extremely rich. The reputable The Washington Post has literally buried the tax reform proposal in its editorial comment: The Republicans have promised the Americans a clever, cautious tax reform that will simplify the system without increasing the debt, the law promulgated by Republicans on Thursday, promulgated the children of this nation and their children who will probably have to pay for this huge, unpaid cut in taxes that the country does not need.  Their analysis of the Washington Post editor concludes: If a country were in recession then the Republicans would have argued for a deficit-driven incentive, but the economy is growing, and in such circumstances it would be appropriate to reduce the already alarming debt.

This attitude was positively defended by republicans – while they were in the minority. Breitbart, the right-wing portal led by Stephen Bannon, the right-wing radical who had to leave the White House, issued a bill without commentaries, but then made a statement by Jenny Beth MartihWe thank President Trump for recognizing the importance of reforming our tax system to provide desperately needed tax relief to US families, and making our business more competitive. Democratic lawmaker Bill Pascrell said that plan obviously goes to the hands of company leaders, not teachers and cops.

This article was originally published on the Trump News.