Will Vice President Pence be a New US President?

Does US Vice President Pence planning somewhere his inauguration? Will Reince Priebus and Sean Spicer will be at the head of his transit?
Will Vice President Pence be a New US President?
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Does US Vice President Pence planning somewhere his inauguration? Will Reince Priebus (former Trump’s office boss) and Sean Spicer (White House spokesman who has also left) will be at the head of his transit?

Vice President Pence is waiting for his moment

The White House has left a few high-positioned and highly-exposed Trump people in the past few weeks, which is just the last wave of departure. According to many opinions, the question is when Justice Minister Jeff Sessions will flee, and state secretary Rex Tillerson is thinking about lifting the anchor. But unlike others – who are thinking of the principle of “save what is saved” – the fall of the controversial American president is actually going to be a bastion to the self-proclaimed former governor of Indiana. The rejection of the presidential recall is still a long way from the wish of half of US voters and Trump’s political rivals. But when it comes to Trump’s team, the ultimate fall of the chaotic American president, the assassinated chauvinist and the sexist, would be a triumphant moment for Mike Pence. This Republican, a former radio head, a former Catholic, and now an ultraconservative evangelist, a husband and father of three children, is waiting for his moment. If there is something missing in Pence, those who know him, they say, are extreme ambitions and great dreams for 2020, if not before.

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Overcoming his boss is a tough but well-groomed Pence, no matter how impressive and thoughtful he is while standing with Trump, he has his race horses. For example, it is unclear whether the US Vice President Pence believes in evolution. The answer to that question was always left to lightly float in the air. Many have noticed that he calls his wife – his mother, and his statement is sure to come to his statement that he does not want to remain alone, without his wife, in the room with another woman. Pence’s visit to NASA, where he touched the sensitive device exactly under the sign “Do not touch”, secured his viral glory.

 “Is it possible that the most flamboyant and most flamboyant of the most-qualified president in American history will be replaced by the most highly-qualified President of Warren Harding?” the New York Times asks. According to the New York newspaper, Pence is so much better than Trump because it is more likely to trust him when it comes to a nuclear weapon.

Faith defends me

His native state of Indiana in the world’s media received the most attention in 2015, when conservative lobbyists set up a controversial law on religious freedoms. The law was fiercely condemned and encouraged protests. As the opponents accentuated, it was tailored to make it easier for business owners to discriminate against homosexual orientation under the pretext of religious beliefs. It was enough to say “faith defends me” and a homosexual couple could not sue for the discrimination of the owner of a pastry shop who refused to sell them a wedding cake.

Mike Pence, the New York Times writes, stood side by side as the law was written, and then quietly signed it. But the photo of the signing he made was so unusual that one local Democrat was accused of being photographed. Namely,  Mike Pence puts his autograph under the law surrounded by the daughters, monks and three very conservative activists, known for their extreme positions in the LGBT population. Because of the law, a scandal has arisen, the largest US company publicly condemned and threatened to suspend business operations in India, and artists canceled concerts and other performances in Penza’s home state. After the storm, Pence signed a new, diluted law and quietly sprang, escaping from journalists’ questions. There were other similar autogas.

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One of the first moves behind the takeover of White House Trump was the signing of a ban on entering the country of refugees and immigrants from seven predominantly Muslim countries. Mike Pence did something similarly two years earlier when, following the terrorist attacks in Paris, he announced that he would not accept Syrian refugees and ceased financing the associations that helped them. When the scandal about the ties between the Trump Administration and Russia began to flare up, Pence showed that he knew how to mumble, and Trump kept his back. Just like his boss, he can not boast of accurate fact-taking in public appearances. And they were being beaten by people in charge of verifying the facts in the US media because of the ineffectiveness.

In the opinion of many, the ambitious Mike Pence was just a fiasco with the law on the return of religious freedom to kill presidential dreams – at least until New York’s entrepreneur and reality TV star Donald Trump did not open a competition for the assistant. Many then, confident that Trump will not last a month, commented on Pence’s acceptance of this scenario. This opinion confirmed Pence’s performance in the vice-presidential debate when he occasionally defied Trump’s statements with his attitudes, and calmly emphasized their differences, and many commented afterwards that he was obviously courting the divided Republicans.

Win-win situation for Vice President Pence

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But before Trump provided the straw to save, NYT writes, Mike Pence actually fought for political survival. In addition to the scandal with the Freedom of Religion Act, it has also been signed by a law that even stricter rules on cases where abortions in India allowed new restrictions, such as a ban in case a mother wants abortion due to race, gender, or plant diseases such as Down Syndrome. They had been welcomed by negative ovations at sports stadiums, NYT writes. They criticized him for not bringing any single law, as he only fought for an ultra-conservative religious agenda.

But luck has smiled  to Pence when Trump’s candidate needed a vice president who would bring him the points that his closest rival, the conservative Ted Cruz-based Republican from Texas, was pronounced amongst the conservative religious body.

Over the past few weeks, Vice President Pence has been increasingly exposed in the foreground. After the construction of the Trump administration began to shatter a piece, Pence went on a tour, like the last of the eastern European countries, which are allies important to America for Russia. Polls on public opinion show that it is more popular than his boss, which was not the case with other vice presidents before. Be he is  still careful not to do anything to make angry his boss. Vice President Pence knows that for him, whatever the verdict is for Trump, it’s a win-win situation.

This article was originally published on the Trump News.